Our Environment

Taking steps to create a better environment for ourselves and future generations.

Lily & Loaf branded packages stacked on a 'home' doormat in front of a blue door. Next to them are rolls of branded packing tape, bubble wrap, and eco-friendly packing peanuts. Represents eco-conscious delivery.

Sustainable Packaging

At the forefront of our minds, is our commitment to sustainability and our environmental impact.

We use Eco-Flow for our packaging—a revolutionary, plastic-free material made from corn starch that is not only 100% compostable but also provides superior protection for delicate products. Our essential oils and glass products like Silver Shield benefit greatly from this robust packaging solution. In addition, we have replaced traditional Sellotape with paper tape on all our parcels. This small change significantly reduces our ecological footprint, as paper tape is far less detrimental to the environment, supporting our ongoing mission to protect our planet.


    We promote green ideals by implementing energy-efficient practices in our operations. We have installed energy-efficient lighting and appliances in our offices and warehouses. We have also implemented policies to reduce our energy consumption by turning off equipment and lights when they are not in use. By reducing our energy usage, we are not only reducing our carbon footprint but also saving on energy costs.


    We promote sustainability by implementing a comprehensive recycling and waste reduction program. We have implemented recycling programs for paper, plastic, and other recyclable materials. We also encourage our customers to recycle our packaging and use it for other purposes. We have minimised our packaging waste by using recyclable and biodegradable materials.


    At Lily & Loaf, we recognise the importance of responsible sourcing in minimising our environmental footprint. We are committed to ensuring that the products we offer are ethically sourced. Our approach involves partnering with suppliers who emphasise ethical practices and environmental care in their operations. By fostering these relationships, we not only lessen our environmental impact but also support businesses that align with our values of responsibility and care for the planet.


    We are committed to developing products that are not only effective but also sustainable. We offer a range of natural and organic products that are free from harmful chemicals and additives. We also strive to use sustainable packaging and ingredients in our products.

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Natural self-care products including wooden toothbrushes, a comb, and a body brush, arranged on a rustic wooden surface next to green leaves and a loofah pad. Promotes eco-friendly personal hygiene.

Eco-Friendly Products 

We are proud to offer products that are not only gentle on the environment but also designed to reduce plastic waste.

Our bamboo toothbrushes and cotton buds are perfect examples of eco-friendly alternatives to common plastic items. Plastic toothbrushes, which can take up to 500 years to decompose, are among the leading contributors to oceanic plastic pollution.

Every year, approximately 4.7 million toothbrushes end up in our oceans, causing significant environmental damage.

Lily & Loaf remains dedicated to leading by example in the shift towards more environmentally friendly alternatives. By choosing our products, you are joining us in making a positive impact on our planet, reducing waste, and promoting a healthier environment for future generations.