Collection: Glandular System

The glandular system is one of your body’s key components which helps to maintain your overall health. Also known as the endocrine system, your glandular system regulates the chemical and hormonal balance your body needs to develop and grow, recover after exercise or injury, and reproduce successfully. Your hormones play a vital role in keeping every single cell in your body healthy. They contain the chemical code that each cell needs to repair itself and grow.

Young woman practicing meditation for respiratory health, highlighting the importance of lung function.

An imbalance, with either too much or too little of any individual hormone in the body at any given time, can have major health implications if left unchecked for too long. Maintaining a healthy glandular system can be a challenge. Cutting out bad habits by stopping smoking and being mindful of what you consume can help regulate better hormone release. Getting plenty of exercise and rest and avoiding stress can help, as can eating healthily. Providing there are no underlying health issues, complementing your diet and lifestyle with natural, nutritional supplements can also help give your glandular system a boost. Lily & Loaf’s natural, nutritional adult supplements can provide a perfect way of complementing your diet to ensure you get the right amount of nutrients to support healthy glandular function. Our supplements can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle plan to meet your everyday dietary requirements, support your wellness goals and help improve your overall general health. They include essential vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies including Vitamin B, Magnesium and Evening Primrose Oil, all of which are known to help regulate hormonal production and release.

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Why 90-days?

Every person's journey with supplements is unique. Whether it's vitamins or essential minerals, each one starts working at the cellular level, playing a crucial role in numerous biochemical processes within your body. This means that while you might notice some benefits soon after starting, others might take a bit longer to become apparent. The 90-day period allows your body the time it needs to fully adapt and show the diverse changes in your well-being.