Promotions Terms & Conditions

At Lily & Loaf, we value our customers and aim to offer attractive promotions to enhance your shopping experience. Here we outline the terms and conditions that apply to our promotional offers, discounts, and special deals. To ensure transparency and a fair experience for all customers, we provide detailed information on eligibility criteria, applicable timeframes, limitations, and other important rules for each promotion. Please read through these terms carefully to understand how to make the most of our special offers. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact our customer service team, who will be happy to assist you.

From time-to-time Lily & Loaf run promotional offers through email, SMS, YouTube, newsletter or social media which can be defined by several headings. Lily & Loaf promotions include but are not limited to, three for two offers (3-4-2), Buy one get one free (BOGOF), discounted pricing (including value & percentage discounts), flash sales and freebies.

  1. Terms and Conditions of individual offers may apply. Each will give a start and/or end date or will be available whilst stocks last
  2. Promotions are intended for the recipient of the promotion notification only.
  3. Due to potential high-volume Lily & Loaf cannot guarantee the availability of stock during any promotion period.
  4. If website or other technical difficulties are experienced, Lily & Loaf is not liable for missed opportunities.
  5. Offers can be withdrawn at any time, without notice.
  6. Products purchased through promotions are excluded from our normal returns policy.