Collection: Boost Intimacy

Intimacy is a fundamental part of any relationship, but unfortunately as we get older, our sexual health can deteriorate, leading to problems when it comes to getting physical. Good sexual health relies on several key bodily functions, which all work together to help things perform as they should. Your reproductive system is controlled by hormones, released by the brain via your nervous system  and regulated by your glandular system. If any of these are not functioning properly, it can lead to problems with intimacy and sexual health.

Your overall physical condition will also play a big part – if you have a healthy heart and blood vessels and good circulation, your body will respond to stimulation a lot better. Diet and exercise are important, when taken together they can enhance your overall health and wellbeing and enable you to enjoy a long and happy loving, intimate relationship with your partner. However, as your body chemistry changes with age, you might find it difficult to get ready for intimacy. That’s where Lily & Loaf can help. Our natural, nutritional adult supplements can provide a perfect way of complementing your diet to help ensure that when it’s time to get intimate, you’re good to go. They include essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are vital to good sexual and reproductive health, including iron, folic acid, Vitamin B12, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium. And if you’re looking to start a family or are trying for a baby, a preconception multivitamin formulation which includes many of those vital ingredients, can ensure you and your partner are getting all the nutrients you need to optimise your success, and promote a healthy pregnancy. We also offer a wide range of Lily & Loaf organic essential oils, which use the complex aromatic and health-boosting properties from some of the finest botanicals to help you relax, de-stress and get in the mood for intimacy.

  • Our Manufacturing Standards

    All our products are manufactured to the highest ethical and sustainability standards, using premium natural ingredients that are free from many common allergens. We embrace a natural, holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

  • The Very Best Nature has to Offer

    Our products are designed to ensure that your body gets the very best that nature has to offer, to help you fully reap the benefits of a happy, healthy lifestyle and help you look your best all day, every day.

Why 90-days?

Every person's journey with supplements is unique. Whether it's vitamins or essential minerals, each one starts working at the cellular level, playing a crucial role in numerous biochemical processes within your body. This means that while you might notice some benefits soon after starting, others might take a bit longer to become apparent. The 90-day period allows your body the time it needs to fully adapt and show the diverse changes in your well-being.