Glandular System


How to keep your glandular system healthy

Your glandular system has a big say in how happy and healthy you feel.

It regulates the amount of hormones that are circulated around your body and controls almost all your other bodily functions.

There are several things you can do to keep your glandular system healthy, including eating better, staying hydrated, exercising more, reducing stress and getting plenty of sleep.

Cutting back on guilty pleasures like alcohol, smoking, caffeine and fast food can also help.

Visual overlay of the thyroid gland on a woman's neck with text about the glandular system's importance, part of Lily & Loaf's educational content.

Why is the glandular system important?

Your glandular – or endocrine system – is a network of glands that create hormones, the chemical messengers that carry information and instructions between your cells.

It influences just about every system, cell, organ and function in the body, helping to control your mood, metabolism, reproduction, growth and development, and the way your organs work.

It regulates the balance of hormones in your body. Your hormones play a vital role in keeping every single cell in your body healthy. They contain the chemical code that each cell needs to repair itself and grow.

Stress, infection and sudden changes in lifestyle or diet can affect this delicate hormonal balance. Too many, or too little of any given hormone can lead to a range of health complications.

Image of a person cradling their neck due to poor gland health, next to a bottle of Lily & Loaf's Master Gland capsules.

How Lily & Loaf help support good glandular health

Maintaining a healthy glandular system can be a challenge.

A hormonal imbalance, with either too much or too little of any individual hormone in the body at any given time, can have major health implications if left unchecked for too long. Eating well can go a long way to supporting a healthy glandular function. Good quality supplements can help to top up any shortfall. Lily & Loaf has a wide range of natural, nutritional supplements which can complement your diet to support good glandular function.

Master Gland is our key system product for glandular health support.

It contains a specially formulated blend of antioxidant vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, zinc and specific herbs that are rich in easily absorbed trace minerals. It supplies the glands with nutrients which contribute to normal metabolism, and immune system and cognitive function.