Structural System

How to keep your structural system healthy

Your structural/skeletal system is made up of the bones and joints which protect your organs, tissues and cells, and which your muscles are built upon.

The key to maintaining healthy bones is getting plenty of exercise to strengthen them, but also ensuring your diet also contains enough vital nutrients to help them develop and grow.

Calcium is a naturally occurring mineral which helps promote healthy bone and joint development.

There are many natural sources of food that can help, including dairy products, which are rich in calcium.

Elderly couple doing side stretches for bone health with Lily & Loaf wellness tips.

Why is the structural system important?

Your skeletal system provides the structural support for your body.

It protects your organs and serves several other vital functions, including aiding the production of blood cells, and storing and releasing fats and minerals into the bloodstream. Your skeleton also provides the base for all your body’s movement and helps you do the everyday tasks you take for granted, such as sitting down, standing up, walking, lifting and driving.

This means that keeping your bones, joints and muscles healthy, particularly as we get older, is important.

Staying active through regular exercise, and supplementing your physical activity with a diet that’s rich in fruit, vegetables, lean protein and calcium will not only help to keep your body healthy, it will also help to keep your bones and muscles strong and slow the onset of the natural aging process which, unfortunately, happens to us all.

Person holding knee with highlighted joint pain beside Lily & Loaf's Skeletal Strength tablets.

How Lily & Loaf help support the structural system

Achieving and maintaining strong and healthy bones and joints can be challenging.

A combination of good diet, exercise, rest and hydration can give your body the best chance of strengthening its bones and muscles and slowing the impacts of the aging process. Good quality supplements can help to top up any shortfalls in nutrition. Lily & Loaf has a wide range of natural, nutritional supplements which can complement your diet to support good skeletal function.

Skeletal Strength is the key system product for the structural system.

It provides a unique and comprehensive blend of nutrients the body uses to develop bones and muscles and combat the aging-related processes that hamper strength and flexibility.

Our carefully balanced formula includes calcium, which is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth and contributes to normal muscle function and metabolism.