Intestinal System

How to keep your intestinal system healthy

A healthy body starts with a healthy gut.

Your intestinal system breaks down the food you eat to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs to survive.

Unfortunately, modern diets and lifestyles can have a negative impact on your intestinal health and slow down the process of food passing through your body, which can leave you feeling tired, sluggish and out of sorts.

Eating well, drinking plenty of water and getting lots of exercise can help combat this.

Woman with abdominal pain highlighting the importance of gut health, relevant to Lily & Loaf's wellness mission.

Why is the intestinal system important?

Good gut health is closely linked with the overall function of your digestive system.

Your intestinal system helps your body to absorb all the vital nutrients it needs from the food you eat, before eliminating solid waste products from the body and reabsorbing water.

It can take up to 24 hours for food to pass fully through the body, so it’s important to eat enough fibre to keep things moving and stay hydrated.

Around 70% of your immune system sits in your intestines, so keeping them in tip top condition is vital to your overall health and wellbeing.

There are more than 40 trillion bacteria in your gut. Most of them are friendly and hugely beneficial to your health. However, certain types of harmful bacteria can lead to health complications.

Your intestinal system plays an important role in helping your body maintain the delicate balance of bacteria it needs for better overall health.

Hands framing a healthy gut symbol with veggies, beside Lily & Loaf's Bowel Build supplement, promoting digestive health.

How Lily & Loaf support good intestinal health

Maintaining good intestinal health can be a challenge.

Eating healthily is always a good place to start, but ensuring you get the right nutrients and fibre to aid good digestion from your diet alone can be tricky. Good quality supplements can help to top up any shortfall.

Lily & Loaf has a wide range of natural, nutritional supplements which can complement your diet to support good intestinal function.

Bowel Build is our key system product for the intestinal system.

It contains nutrients and plant extracts perfectly balanced for a healthy digestive system. Its unique and effective formula encourages the proper flow of waste and elimination. It includes added ingredients Althea and Ginger for a soothing effect. Our formula also contains betaine HCl to aid digestion, with psyllium hulls and chlorophyll providing fibre and bulk.