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Which natural supplements are best for these lifestyle challenges?

19 Aug, 2022
Supplements for health and wellness, including vitamins and minerals, displayed on a table.

While a healthy diet is the best way of ensuring you get all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need to live a happy and healthy life, sometimes you need a bit of extra help from supplements.

Whether you’re looking for natural support to address a specific issue or condition, fill a nutritional shortfall or just want to improve your general health and wellbeing, here’s a handy guide to the best natural supplements you can take for…

An illustration depicting a person experiencing anxiety, showcasing the mental health condition.


Everybody feels fearful, stressed or anxious at times when things can get too much at work or home. Sometimes, you just want to lock yourself away, pull the duvet over your head and let the world go by. And with everything that’s happened over the past two years with the coronavirus pandemic, you’d be forgiven for letting things get to you. While these feelings usually subside with time and perspective, if you regularly suffer from anxiety, you may need a bit of natural support to help you relax.

Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation are all great ways to let your mind switch off and reconnect with the world around you. Burning your favourite organic essential oils or aromatherapy candles can help create the right mood. However, if you need to settle when the pressure’s on, Nutri-Calm provides natural support for the nervous system and brain. It replenishes vitamins that become depleted in times of stress and can help restore balance when life becomes too much of a challenge.

A person sleeping peacefully in bed, representing the importance of quality sleep for overall health


While exercise and diet play an important role in maintaining good overall health, so does getting enough rest and relaxation. So, sleep is essential for several reasons. It helps your brain switch off, unwind and recharge after a busy day. It gives your body the chance to repair itself, re-energise and get ready for the day ahead. It’s also the time when your hormonal and immune systems kick in to ensure your body functions as it should, to fight back against any infections or illnesses you pick up.

It’s recommended you get at least seven hours sleep every night to help maintain optimal physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. However, work and family commitments and hectic lifestyles sometimes make this challenging. If you have trouble dozing off at night or getting the recommended amount of unbroken shut-eye, then 5-HTP with L-Tryptophan may help. Its unique blend of natural amino acids and vitamins helps raise serotonin levels, which can lead to increased feelings of happiness, reduce anxiety and stress, encourage a well-balanced mood and, crucially, aid restful sleep.

Illustration showing blood circulation in the body, emphasising cardiovascular health.


Good circulation holds the key to better health. If your heart is healthy and strong, it helps pump the blood and oxygen your organs and muscles need to keep them functioning as they should. It also supports your physical fitness and ensures you can exercise for longer and complete simple, everyday tasks such as walking, climbing the stairs or lifting things without feeling tired or short of breath. Eating more healthily and cutting out artery-clogging foods like takeaways, fry-ups, and saturated fat can help boost your circulatory health. So, too, can supplements like our vegan-friendly Circulate, which contains a natural blend of B vitamins and premium ingredients like L-Arginine, ginkgo biloba and CoQ10, which are vital for maintaining normal heart health and circulatory function. 

Image representing energy levels, featuring a person engaged in physical activity.


Let’s be honest, we could all do with a bit more energy. When our energy levels drop, we’re more likely to feel run-down, physically exhausted, mentally drained, unmotivated, or uninspired. Many things can cause low energy, from simply feeling tired or having over-indulged to underlying health issues like anaemia, thyroid problems, weight issues and even pregnancy. Getting the right blend of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients through your diet will go some way to addressing low energy levels, but sometimes, you might need a little ‘pick me up’ to help give you a boost. 

If you’ve ruled out any underlying health issues, then energy-boosting supplements like Energ-V, can support your body’s glandular, nervous and circulatory systems to help it create more energy naturally. Solstic Energy, meanwhile, is a healthier natural alternative to high-sugar, high-caffeine canned energy drinks and can give you all the benefits without any of the nasty side effects

Image depicting fitness and exercise, showing a person lifting weights in a gym


Whatever your exercise goals – whether it’s to tone up, build stamina or maintain a healthy weight – your physical fitness plays a crucial role. Regular exercise, in combination with adequate recovery and a healthy eating plan, is a crucial part of building and maintaining fitness. So, watching what you eat, and supplementing it with the proper nutrients, can enhance your performance, help you compete harder for longer, and ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

Several natural supplements can help you improve your fitness levels.

If you’re looking to tone-up or build muscle mass, then getting enough protein is the way to go. If you’re looking to strengthen your body and keep your bones and joints healthy and flexible, then Everflex can help. And if you’re looking to supercharge your post-workout smoothie or shake with an array of fitness-boosting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, then give TNT a try. 

Image illustrating memory and cognitive function, featuring a person reading a book with focus.


If you’re looking to improve your memory and boost your mental agility, then good brain health is essential. If your brain is healthy, you’ll find it easier to concentrate, communicate, remember things, solve problems and complete simple, everyday tasks like driving, reading or watching TV. However, the brain starts to deteriorate with age, meaning your mental capacity can begin to decline, which can have a knock-on effect on other areas of your health.

Age-related mental deterioration can cause you to become more forgetful and less focused. It can also impact several of your key body functions, such as your nervous, immune, hormonal and circulatory systems, as your brain slows down the signals it sends to keep things working as they should. Long-term, this can lead to a host of severe conditions, including stroke, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Boosting your brainpower and improving your memory can help stave this off. Brain Protex with Huperzine is rich in potent antioxidants which support better brain health, particularly for people over 50 years of age. Huperzine is known for improving overall mental clarity and function and age-related memory loss.


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